To Henna or Not To Henna? That Is The Question!

I definitely need to to dye my hair sometime soon as the grey hairs that i do have are about 1/2″ now (shocking). I usually have always used chemical dyes permanent/semi-permanent over the years. Salon brand and drugstore, but i wanted to find a more natural alternative as my hair now is half medium brown and half black because of the horrible porous ends from all the dye build up.

I have seen Herbatint brand dyes in the local health food shops, but i have noticed these still contain PPD’s and I’m not sure if these are worth trying if they are not much different to drugstore dyes….I also don’t know if I’m willing to spend £10 on a dye that i then need to buy the shampoo to mix with it at around £8 a bottle.

So, I’m in two minds here…..Do i strip all the colour from my hair (with chemicals) and re-dye a lighter colour to start fresh or do i move onto henna which i have been itching to try for a few weeks?
I am tempted to start with the LUSH Caca Brun bar as it’s less expensive, less hassle and so much easier than buying the henna powder and indigo especially when i have never used the proper stuff before nor do i know the mixing ratios for a nice dark chocolate brown with a hint of red. I have read very mixed reviews on it thought and i do worry about my black porous ends if it will just make them even darker?
I really need to hear from someone who has used both to give me a good opinion pros and cons if you like, but maybe the lush bar is a good start for a novice without too much commitment?
To be continued……. 😉