What Shades Would You Rock?

History Of Sunglasses

Whether your style is punk, rock, gothic or alternative one must-have is just the right pair of sunglasses. Check out this fun infographic to see who wore what when. These should give you more ideas on what sunglasses best fit your look.

Click through and see hundreds of different sunglasses in just about any color or style. Want something really far out? Check out the novelty glasses. Want to know what your favorite celeb wears? Head over to the CTSwholesaleSunglasses blog and look for the post with celebrity photos in it.

They also share which sunglasses are selling hottest, so if you want to follow the trends check that out. At a recent Cinco de Mayo event the most popular sunglasses were Diamond Eye Wear, cat eye sunglasses, GSters, Xsportz and of course, Wayfarers. The latest Wayfarers feature three vibrant revo lens options: blue, an eye catching red/gold, and a purple/green, all of which flash in contrast to clear frames.

You can buy an entire dozen pair of your favorite sunglasses wholesale because they have no minimum order. Or start a new trend and get plenty for your crowd.

Gail Gardner from GrowMap.com is known for mentoring small businesses and blogs – like CTSwholesaleSunglasses.com who have a blog and also make sunglasses. You can find Gail as GrowMap on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and elsewhere.


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