Review: SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit – Raspberry Wine

I got this set for Christmas after deciding between that and the RCM set. I do think in hindsight i should have chose the RCM but it was around £20 more expensive so i went with Sensationail.

So far I have used this only once, I have to say i was very disappointed in the size of the lamp and the size of the bottles that came with it for the price tag.
I was impressed with how easy it actually was to do and i only had two little bubbles out of my whole manicure that weren’t easily noticeable. The colour wasn’t anything like the box it’s more of a raspberry red shimmer and was very thin so i needed to do 3 coats (the box says 2) I also thought being a gel polish it would have been thicker and more opaque for the price.
I kept the product on as long as possible to gauge how long it would last. Mine lasted 7 days with no chips. The 8th day i got two chips and on the 10th a few more. I think with more practice it might last longer and I do think if you prime the whole nail like the salons do you would get 2 weeks no chip but it will make for a more difficult removal.
I like the ease of being able to do it myself and for a week no chip it’s worth it as nail polish will last 1-3 days max on me. I do wish they had more colours and even some glitters would be great as gel polishes are hard to come by unless you can get to a trade store.
I will still visit the salon to get my nails done for an event or holiday and use this kit in-between. It won’t stop me going to the salon but it will save me money in the long run ­čÖé
I haven’t actually removed it yet but i am planning to do it today/ tomorrow and will update on how that goes.
Here are some photos (sorry they are just phone cam ones)
After Application:
8th Day:
10th Day:
UPDATE: 15/02/13
I have to say that although┬áthe sensationail kit is great for us beginners, I got tired very quickly of the nail polish. I have found better quality ones on the market which are cheaper in price and larger in size. Since i switched to another brand of polish my manicures can stay on 2 full weeks with no chips what so ever!. I’m not┬ácondemning┬áthe polish they make I’m only saying it didn’t work for me and I’ve found something that has, So it’s┬ádefinitely┬ásomething to bare in mind before buying the whole range.