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Shellys black boots
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4 Months No Poo Update

Hi guys, 

So, the last time I left you with my update on no poo I said I’d gone back to shampoo bars full time. I was very happy with this for a while, but results really did vary at times leaving me so frustrated! I couldn’t handle it so I decided to go BS/ACV full time.

I’ve now been fully BS/ACV for almost two months and I am very happy with it. My hair has fully adjusted and really seems to like it . I am slightly worried though as I’m going on holiday next month and don’t want to chance taking baking soda through security at the airport, so I may well need to take my shampoo bar with me *sadface*

I am off to Berlin which I have read has very hard water?. I have been 3 times previous, but obviously before I had always used nasty shampoo, so it was never a problem back then. If anyone has any suggestions that would help me out please leave a comment 🙂

I also apologise that I keep forgetting to take pictures to post, but I swear I will try get loads on holiday that I can post up and you can see I do exist! 

To sum up my no poo experience thus far…I will honestly never turn back to detergent loaded shampoo! My hair is growing faster, looking healthier, less split ends and actually has more curl than I’ve seen in years!.

Keep it up guys don’t ever go back!

Random Access Memories – Not Quite A Review


I am a big fan of Daft Punk, They have been my guilty pleasure since I seen the “Da Funk” video on MTV back in the day. (Jeez showing my age much?)

The album has been so hyped up with little snippets here and there and of course “Get Lucky” going to number 1 here in the UK, When ITunes started streaming the album two days ago there was immediate backlash that “it sucked” and wasn’t a dance album.

I’m not sure Daft Punk ever said anywhere that it would be a dance album. I didn’t love it on first listen but now that i have given it 3-4 listens it has completely grown on me! It’s a good chill out/ easy listening funky vibe. I do miss all the samples and crazy guitar solos i have to say!.

My main point about Daft Punk is when it comes to doing this live they will blow everyone’s minds! They make every song 100 times better when it’s done live, so much so that I find myself listening to there live records more than studio work.

I am still excited for the full album launch and to get some new music videos etc out of the guys. I hope everyone else is too 🙂

As it stands right now I give the album 7/10 and encourage everyone to give it a few more listens.

Swagbucks: Get paid to search the web and shop till your little heart’s content!

I first heard about Swagbucks through Money Saving Expert just over a month ago. It is a website which rewards members with a certain number of “swagbucks” for filling in surveys, searching the web and even shopping online!

Top ways to earn are:

Surveys:  If you have 10-30 minutes to spare then get crackin’ on the surveys, they aren’t always interesting but they have a good payout if you have the time to spare.

Search The Web: Use either the toolbar or the search box as your main search engine and earn while you search.

Shopping: Some stores can give up to 10 Swagbucks per dollar/pound which gets you 100 for every 10 you spend and on mega days it is double that amount. They have a great selection of stores including Holland & Barrett, Accessorize, The Body Shop, Cult Beauty plus loads more.

Tasks: Everyday simple tasks are posted from various companies and once completed you earn swagbucks. It’s that simple!

Games: If you’re a gamer and love online gaming then this is the best option for you!. Enter competitions or simply get swagbucks just for playing the game 🙂

They have a few more ways to earn which includes watching videos, getting specified codes for extra bucks and lottery schemes to win  various merchandise or bucks.

I would recommend Swagbucks to anyone who spends time online browsing the web, gaming or taking surveys, So why not let those simple things earn you some awesome free stuff!

Visit Swagbucks.Com

The Hunger Site – Feed the starving at no cost to you!

Click through to www.thehungersite.com and amid a pile of banners you’ll see an orange button in the middle of the site’s front page. The emblazoned message is ‘Click here to give – it’s free!’ Do so and a cup of a staple foodstuff is bought for someone, somewhere, who is hungry.
The logic behind this site is brilliant. It’s a win-win-win situation for the starving, the internet user, and the sponsors: in practical terms they receive cost-effective, feelgood public relations, especially powerful in helping promote ethical brands.
Taking time to click really helps, especially if you do it daily. The Hunger Site offers an email daily prompt reminder service (signing up to it also gives an additional two cups of food).

I only learned of this website today and i will now click every day as it seems like a great idea for us internet lovers especially with no sign up or fee’s required! 


Homemade Deodorant Update – Perfect Recipe For Sensitive Skin

Just an update on the last recipe I made it is working phenomenally! I have no rash or itching. There is a slight hint of the essential oils in it but it’s not overpowering like a lot of the recipes online – mine is subtle.

I don’t even want to adjust it to see if it is the baking soda or oils i was getting the rash from because this is working PERFECT!

I think this will be perfect if you have sensitive underarm skin like myself. So please check my recipe here if you wish to try it out at home.

Using homemade deodorant you will still sweat as this is your body releasing toxins and if you are a heavy sweater you may need to reapply it once or twice during the day, but i really recommend sticking with it!

Good luck and i will keep updating on my progress with this recipe 🙂

It’s been a long break :)

I have been away a while I know! I’ve been so busy with work and taking a break on the jewellery front because i have no space to do it at the moment, but i have started doing some other things creative wise which i hope to show off soon. 😀

I also thought it was time for a little blog makeover x