A day out at The National Museum of Scotland

Yesterday we drove 1.5hrs to Edinburgh for a day at the National Museum of Scotland. Edinburgh was snowy and blizzard like, but it’s a place i love no matter what the weather!.It’s free entry into the museum and you can leave a donation if you so wish.

It is such a large place and has a lot more to offer than i had expected, but we really didn’t have a whole day to go around it although we did manage to do most of it within 3hrs. Our camera gave in before we had even started, so i only had my phone which i took some ok photos on only to discover today that half of them have vanished! I had such good ones of the extinct animal forest scene 😦

After the museum we walked through the grassmarket and visited some of the vintage shops, it was too busy inside and i didn’t really have the time or space to look, but i did get a checked scarf for £3 which made me happy!.Here’s a few of the pics that i had left on my phone. We will make another trip soon as i’ve certainly done enough moaning tonight about my pictures disappearing 😦