Random Access Memories – Not Quite A Review


I am a big fan of Daft Punk, They have been my guilty pleasure since I seen the “Da Funk” video on MTV back in the day. (Jeez showing my age much?)

The album has been so hyped up with little snippets here and there and of course “Get Lucky” going to number 1 here in the UK, When ITunes started streaming the album two days ago there was immediate backlash that “it sucked” and wasn’t a dance album.

I’m not sure Daft Punk ever said anywhere that it would be a dance album. I didn’t love it on first listen but now that i have given it 3-4 listens it has completely grown on me! It’s a good chill out/ easy listening funky vibe. I do miss all the samples and crazy guitar solos i have to say!.

My main point about Daft Punk is when it comes to doing this live they will blow everyone’s minds! They make every song 100 times better when it’s done live, so much so that I find myself listening to there live records more than studio work.

I am still excited for the full album launch and to get some new music videos etc out of the guys. I hope everyone else is too 🙂

As it stands right now I give the album 7/10 and encourage everyone to give it a few more listens.


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