Update: New Piercings

I got my lip pierced for my 19th birthday after many years of deliberating and that was my first ever piercing (except lobes) not long after that I decided to stretch my lobes but all those years ago there wasn’t much info on how to properly do it and after a failed attempt to go up a gauge my ear got very angry, so i stopped and let it heal with no more thoughts on the matter other than just leaving my body alone.

Last year on a whim i got my nose pierced and felt odd with two piercings on one side of my face even if they weren’t that noticeable. I then this year started to stretch my lobes again – with a lot more knowledge behind me and taking it as slow as possible I’m currently at  4g (5mm) and i had planned to be at least 0g by now, but as i said I’m not in a rush and I’ve read many horror stories online from those who have.

Ever since getting my nose pierced I’ve wanted the right side of my lip done to even it out but never thought it would suit me and when asking friends etc for advice i got a resounding “no don’t do it”! Well two weeks ago i did just that without telling a soul and not only that i ended up getting two microdermals as well. Every ones reactions have been great and even my boyfriend who knew nothing about it just said he was shocked that I went through with all that and didn’t tell anyone haha 🙂

I’m very happy with the dermals although i think the lip was done at a different angle than my other side, so i may need to have it redone if it’s still annoying me in a week.

I think if you want to pierce or tattoo your body then it is YOUR choice and don’t let anyone tell you any different!



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