Two Films In One Week!

I had two days off together this week, so me and the oh decided to go see Dark Shadows on Tuesday and Wednesday we went to see American Reunion. 
I hadn’t read any reviews for Dark Shadows and went in with an open mind which it blew! I loved it! It was totally my kind of film both humour and theme wise. I loved the cast they worked great together, however without Johnny the film would have been a flop and he really has outgrown tim. The oh didn’t enjoy it and to quote him “Tim Burton should just give up” which is harsh, but at the same time it really does annoy me that Johnny Depp and HBC is in every movie these days, the man has to move on! 

American Reunion…I had read a few reviews for this one and with it only getting 2/5 ratings at the most i was a bit sceptical. I enjoyed the original films though and it was just a shame that after those films so many others tried to do the same until people got royally fed up!. It was honestly hilarious! even now Stifler makes the movie and most of them can still pull it off. I was a little annoyed that Nadia, Jessica and Sherman only got split second cameos but the film really didn’t need them at all! I honestly think if i hadn’t have gone and seen this that i probably never would have, So don’t pass it up I’d give it 4/5 for those who loved the originals! 🙂

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