Born to Rock!

I am getting super excited because:

a) My deadly dames top’s came super fast! and..
b) Me and the bf are spending two days in the city this week to see BVB & Reckless Love one night and Steel Panther the next 😀

So my PUG vamp top’s came and wow are they figure hugging! I don’t usually wear such tight clothing so i think it might take me a bit to get used to them and showing so much of myself! I haven’t quite decided on them properly as i only got a quick chance to try them so i will try them again on monday and see how it goes. I do think however i could have ordered a size up to fit my hips a little better as they are very tight but the bust would then need to be taken in and alterations cost a lot here 😦 I do hope i at least decide to keep one of them.

Me and the bf are heading to the city to stay tues/wed to go to a couple of concerts, so excited mainly to see RL and Steel panther again. This will be our 3rd time seeing Steel Panther (we got to see them in L.A in 2010 which was amazing and so worth it!) it’s also our 2nd time seeing Reckless Love and even though it’s just supporting slot we couldn’t resist as they were amazing last time!

If you haven’t heard of these bands they are part of the 80’s revival bringing the sounds of van halen/motley crue/def leppard up to date although i must say steel panther are a tongue n cheek band so don’t take them seriously…here’s a couple of videos:


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