Curves to Kill

I have to say being on the larger scale clothing wise is very frustrating when shopping on the high street i often find the sizing wonky in every bleedin’ shop that’s if i can find my size at all! I tend to do a lot of Internet shopping even if it is a little more expensive, sometimes i just don’t have much choice. 
So…It was refreshing to find Teer Wayde’s blog which celebrates the plus size figure and shows great examples of outfits which would flatter various shapes and sizes. I have very similar measurements to her own just not as tall but it really gave me a boost to really try something other than my usual jeans and t-shirt combo.  

The first thing that i really wanted when i saw Teer wearing it was the Deadly Dames Vamp dress but I’m not big on wearing dresses unless to a special occasion and it’s a lot of money for a dress to not wear it…..Then i found out they do it in top form, so cue me then placing an order on pinupgirlclothing for these two lovely items.

The order will work out so expensive for two tops when the custom charges & vat get added but i really hope they are worth it and can’t wait to get them 🙂

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