Featured Etsy Store & Blog – BellaLili

I would like to share with you a store I found when looking for skull related items on Etsy. BellaLili’s items made my jaw drop! Granted it might not be to every one’s taste but it was exactly the kind of items I’d been looking for and had been for a long time! I’ve recently just purchased a ring from her and the quality is fantastic so I had to share…

BellaLili describes her designs as “Victorian Couture. Some are more Avant Garde and Risque. Others are more whimsical and Romantic. The common thread in all my jewelry is Victorian Elegance.”

Her items come packaged to perfection, Shipping is included in the sales price for all items and she even has a 2yr warranty for all items! Now that’s what I call customer service!

You can check out her Blog http://bellalilijewelry.blogspot.com/
and her Etsy Store http://bellalili.etsy.com/

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