Things have really picked up for me in the last few days, I got 14 new shop hearts, 2 sales and a good few item hearts. It’s true that promotion pays off on Etsy, the last couple of nights i have been spending about 1hr “promoting” and it really has made a difference.

I hope to continue this and hopefully see that it has made a big difference 🙂

What does everyone use to promote? I’m on quite a few websites but i find promoting on etsy chat and forums most helpful.


2 thoughts on “Etsy..

  1. I'm pretty new to all of this promo stuff. I'm just blogging and visiting the forums. Oh and I might run an ad on one of the big craft sites.

    Congrats on your sales! 🙂 I knew the turquoise would go fast!

  2. I have tried advertising in a few places but they only seemed to bring me hits rather than sales, same with etsy showcases so i'm holding off on things like that for the moment.

    I have found putting my blog on blogcatalog worked well also.

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